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Jansen & Rodriguez

Jansen & Rodriguez are a supersonic Italian Directors Duo. Always around the world, they are incisive, creative, visionary, problem solver and production friendly duo.

Their individual talents and styles combine to create a unique approach and in all their works, there is an obsession with music, rythm, terrific landscape, beauty, motion, emotions that collapses viewers into our unique world.

As a visual storyteller, their cinematic strengths lie in creating distinctive visuals with sincere characters and setting it all in an emotionally compelling narrative.

Their deep love for photography and his determined search for that one frame that encapsulates it all is evident in their work.


Mosè Rodriguez was born in Milano. He attends Art Academy after have lived in Sydney, here starts writing and directing short films about surfers, skaters and writers.

Back in italy, he starts directing commercials and music videos.

He spends most of his time on planes traveling the world, inspiring on the simple story he sees in the streets,talking to everyone, writing about everyone.


Jansen was born in Milan and he is addicted to adventures , photography and in particular to all the oriental culture, since he was a child he travels a lot.

He is also a elettro-music producer and dj.

He plays everywhere from CLUB in Europe to fashion shows for Armani and Gucci and in secret parties in the jungle of secret islands in Thailand.