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Josh & Xander

The duo has been best friends since grade school, where they grew up blocks apart in NYC. A collaboration formed naturally from a love of the same movies and an arguably naïve belief that music videos might actually be able to change the world. Their video for The Postal Service's breakout hit "Such Great Heights" got them signed by Partizan Films, and began their career as a commercial directing team.  

Known for their ability to pair emotional authenticity with dynamic, cinematic visual storytelling, J/X have stacked multiple awards and industry-wide recognition over a long career of working internationally for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Adidas, American Express, Apple, Budweiser, Gatorade, Ford, HBO, Jeep, Samsung, Toyota and US Army.

It has been said by those who work with them closely that they “share a brain,” and will 98% of the time make the same decisions independently. While this close bond might be considered eerily co-dependent in some circles, when working on large campaigns in multiple time-zones simultaneously or trying to bring a complex shoot in on time and budget, this brain-trust does have its unique advantages.


J/X have shot in 15 countries across the globe and have collaborated with A-list talent from Lebron James and Peyton Manning to Gary Clark Jr. and Quincy Jones.  In addition to spots they make music videos, documentaries, short films, art installations, and have published a book.