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When Ole started tweaking images, Photoshop didn´t have any layers. Born in the far north of Germany, he left sheep and sea for a vocational training as a type setter, followed by freelancing as a graphic designer in the print industry. Driven by a deep passion for title sequences, he started his professional career in broadcast design and became one of the pioneering designers to use desktop tools like Adobe After Effects. Already well-established, he co-founded LaborTV and merged with Martin Woelke's Sehsucht in 2003.


Since then, Ole has won all major international creative awards. He has been a member of the Art Directors Club Germany since 2007 and a juror for the Clio awards repeatedly. No biggie, he just has a reputation for turning the unimaginable into extraordinary visual spectacle with taste and dedication.


Here´s what makes Ole tick: Passion for design, animation and photography. This powerful fusion of disciplines facilitates pieces of intense visual storytelling combining CG and live action.